BeeJayy’s Sleepover

Welcoming BeeJayy to the world of WordPress!
(yes, always with 2 E’s and 2 Y’s)


BeeJayy is a 2011 Mitsubishi 2.4L VRX Lancer.

Deciding in March 2011 that I wanted to upgrade my old Lancer was the best thing I have ever done (my bank account may disagree 😉 )

CAPTNC (Captain C, as in Captain Candice 😉 Old pirate joke) was a fantastic car and had absolutely nothing wrong with her but I felt like I needed a change.  My parents weren’t on the bandwagon at the beginning but I kept looking at the new lancer’s and I just wasn’t giving in.  They made me look up other cars  for comparions in case I wanted to change my mind (I only looked at the Holden Cruze so I could get Mitsubishi down on price) but there was no chance of that.  I knew what I wanted and that was my VRX.


After driving km’s upon km’s to test a manual, I ordered him in April 2011 only to be told I had to wait four weeks because no one in Australia has a Black VRX in manual.  (Seems like people only want to drive automatics these days… umm, not for me) May 12th and a lot of money later, the car was mine 🙂

We have had a pretty good driving relationship over the last year and a half, but he was quite distraugh a few weeks ago when he got into a small accident.


This leads to BeeJayy’s sleepover for the next 3 nights.  He will be staying at S&J Smash Repairs to get his front worked on.


Short story really.  I was turning right out of a T-Intersection in a car park.  I checked the intersection, literally 4 times, NO FLIPPING CARS, before taking off to turn and all of a sudden there is this car on the end of my bumper.  Umm WHAT? HOW DID YOU GET THERE?!?  This car has no headlights on at 7.00pm (pitch black dark in the car park) and was defininately speeding because she wasn’t there a second ago.  I pulled into a car space right where the accident happened and got out and this chick starts yelling, saying “OMG you almost killed me” but didn’t note she’d done also done something ILLEGAL!  UMM, YOU ARE DIRVING WITH NO FLIPPING LIGHTS ON, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!

Anyway, I rang insurance when I got home and told them the story but turns out even though she was speeding and driving with no lights on, it’s still my fault.  I have to pay the $950 excess on my car because she is the moron who doesn’t drive with her lights on.

As you can probably tell, I’m super annoyed about it because I can think of a hundred other things I could spend the $950 on.  UGH!

So S&J are going to fix my baby.  There is a decent crack  and split in the bumper and my quarter panel is out of alignment but its not major damage so I should have it back by the weekend.

Bandaid’s won’t fix this 😦

I get to drive my mum’s car while BeeJayy is away.  An automatic Honda Civic with number plates saying GASBAG.  Awesome -.- Guess its a car that can get me to and from work though.

Here is BeeJayy, looking fine, before the accident.

C. x

Isn’t he just stunning? 😀

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