BeeJayy’s Sleepover

Welcoming BeeJayy to the world of WordPress!
(yes, always with 2 E’s and 2 Y’s)


BeeJayy is a 2011 Mitsubishi 2.4L VRX Lancer.

Deciding in March 2011 that I wanted to upgrade my old Lancer was the best thing I have ever done (my bank account may disagree ūüėČ )

CAPTNC (Captain¬†C, as in Captain Candice ūüėČ Old pirate joke) was a fantastic car and had absolutely nothing wrong with her but I felt like I needed a change.¬† My parents weren’t on the bandwagon at the beginning but I kept looking at the new lancer’s and I just wasn’t giving in.¬† They made me look up other cars ¬†for comparions in case I wanted to change my mind (I only looked¬†at the Holden Cruze so I could get Mitsubishi down on price)¬†but there was no chance of that.¬† I knew what I wanted and that was my VRX.


After driving km’s upon km’s to test a manual,¬†I ordered him in April 2011 only to be told¬†I had to wait four weeks because no one in Australia has a Black VRX in manual.¬† (Seems like people only want to drive automatics these days… umm, not for me)¬†May 12th and a lot of money later,¬†the car was mine ūüôā

We have had a pretty good driving relationship over the last year and a half, but he was quite distraugh a few weeks ago when he got into a small accident.


This leads to BeeJayy’s sleepover for the next 3 nights.¬† He will be staying at S&J Smash Repairs to get his front worked on.


Short story really.¬† I was turning right out of a T-Intersection in a car park.¬† I checked the intersection, literally 4 times, NO FLIPPING CARS, before taking off to turn and all of a sudden there is this car on the end of my bumper.¬† Umm WHAT? HOW DID YOU GET THERE?!?¬† This car has no headlights on at 7.00pm (pitch black dark in the car park) and was defininately speeding because she wasn’t there a second ago.¬† I pulled into a car space right where the accident happened and got out and this¬†chick starts yelling, saying “OMG you almost killed me” but didn’t note she’d done also done something ILLEGAL!¬† UMM, YOU ARE DIRVING WITH NO FLIPPING LIGHTS ON, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!

Anyway, I rang insurance when I got home and told them the story but turns out even though she was speeding and driving with no lights on, it’s still my fault.¬† I have to pay the $950 excess on my car because she is the moron who doesn’t drive with her lights on.

As you can probably tell, I’m super annoyed about it because I can think of a hundred other things I could spend the $950 on.¬† UGH!

So S&J are going to fix my baby.  There is a decent crack  and split in the bumper and my quarter panel is out of alignment but its not major damage so I should have it back by the weekend.

Bandaid’s won’t fix this ūüė¶

I get to drive my mum’s car while BeeJayy is away.¬† An automatic Honda Civic¬†with number plates saying GASBAG.¬† Awesome -.- Guess its a car that can get me to and from work though.

Here is BeeJayy, looking fine, before the accident.

C. x

Isn’t he just stunning? ūüėÄ

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