Dangerously Addicted…

Update… Update… Update

About 12 days ago I posted a quick update on an recent ebay purchase! Well, they have ARRIVED!

Turquoise Chunky Platform Pump


Wittner have been making shoes since 1912.  Their first store opened in Footscray, Melbourne.  It is still an Australian owned and operated business and managed by the grandkids of HJ Wittner (the originial creator of Wittner)

Of course, these compliment the pair of Wittner’s I already own. (Who is surprised at that? 😉 )

Pink Glitter Stilettos
(With Silver Glitter Soles)


Each shoe comes in it’s own small bag to store them and I’ve actually never worn them.  I don’t want to ruin the glitter.  (Oh that is bad!)

Soo.. what made my day when I received these was not only do they look amazing on but the ebay seller left me a note.


Isn’t she sweet?!? 🙂

Wittner make amazing shoes and their current collection for summer is filled with colour and funky patterns.  Check out their website but beware, impulse buying may occur. 😉







Aren’t they gorgeous 🙂

C. x

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