Exciting Fitness Antics!!

PRE football season.   Killer on your body for all the right reasons.
POST football season.  Killer on your body for all the WRONG reasons.

My last game for the season was about three weeks ago now and dreaded post football body had definitely come around.  As I am not training twice a week and playing on Sunday’s, I am finding myself becoming more lazy and unmotivated.

Talking about being unmotivated, it’s more due to the fact that in my last game I stretched my posterior cruciate ligament (info on where that is can be found here) in my left knee, meaning I cannot run or heavily exercise for at least 2 months.  (What is more crucial: I CANNOT WEAR HEELS FOR THAT PERIOD OF TIME!)  I should be only walking lightly and doing physiotherapy exercises every day which I have probably been over doing the walking and slacking on the exercises.

It’s not that I don’t want to exercise; I just want to be able to do it all properly, right now; not have to wait for another few weeks.  I have 3 more weeks until my next physio appointment and until then, I cannot run or jog, strictly walking only.

So, back to post football body.  Due to me gallivanting around Europe for 2 months and missing about 6 games and then only playing less than a handful when I got back, my post football body has come about a lot quicker than it should of!  I probably have put on a few kg’s quicker than I would have liked to.

Neither the less, turns out, I am getting a new treadmill 😀  Say goodbye to post football body and HELLO to sexy summer body, where I can run in a sports bra and not feel like I’m being judged!

Unlike most people, under physiotherapist’s orders, I am not allowed to run on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt because of a previous knee injury.  Gravel, dirt, grass and treadmills are my only option.  After breaking the one we had at home (well, I didn’t entirely break it, the motor sort of died after being so old and sucking up too much dust, let’s just say that) I have decided that I am going to purchase a new one with my mum.

We are looking at the new ProForm 520ZLT.  Pictures and information available here.   I don’t need anything too fancy or high tech, I just want to be able to run inside when it’s cold, dark and raining and still feel amazing after I’ve done it, not feel cold, wet and miserable.

Currently trying to get my brain back into order into thinking this is a good idea and that once I start exercising properly, my healthy eating will kick back up again too! So it’s like, an all-round win in every department.

Below are a few motivational pictures I have saved to my phone and computer in order to get my brain back into working order.

C. x

(P.s. I was starting my healthy eating today, until I ate something bad for lunch! 😦 But I’ll be good for the rest of the day and walk it off tonight which a brisk stroll I think.  I’m down half a kilo on last week, so there is some progress to be cheery about.  I’ll keep the posts coming with updates on how I am going on reaching that SEXY SUMMER BODY!)

I really love comments and feedback!

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