Tuesday Thoughts

It’s an odd feeling when your down and you’re not 100% sure on how to make yourself smile.

Motivation is at an all time low and thoughts run through your head of eating bad food because the sugary sensation would make you cheery for a split second. It would be just long enough to stop thinking about bad situations but your healthy eating plan would then be null and void and the feeling of disappointment in yourself would creep back up. It creates a never ending vortex of mushed up brain cells and sleepless nights.

When other people are saddened, it’s easier to find ways to cheer them up even beacause you know you’re helping someone; which in turn, may make you feel a little enlightened.

A friend of mine needed that cheering up the other day and me being me, rose to the challenge… I hope I succeeded in making them feel happy 🙂 Even if it was just for a few short minutes…

A paperclip creation | A cheesy smile | Promised adventures

C. x

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