A New Beginning Welcomes Candice..


“Go Forth and Conquer” is my new creation.  It was a line I read in a book one day (actually was the Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater, found here) which I thought suited my life down to a tee. It is what I intend to live my life by from now on.  Nothing can stand in between myself and the goals I want to achieve in life…

Guess you should know a little bit about me before I bore enlighten your life with interesting stories about myself, my travels, my obessions and new found loves.


Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Number: Seven
Car I Drive: Black 2011 VRX Mitsubishi Lancer, named BeeJayy (Yes, with 2 e’s and 2 y’s)

..Ugh enough of that, try below for some more interesting ones…

– Lives in a small Victorian town called Wandong … Not at all famous for its wooden wombats and “Big Blue” eyesore…

– Went on my first overseas adventure in June 2012 for 8 weeks.  One of the most exhilarating but scary moments in my life so far…

– Has a VCE Certificate and was accepted into Biological Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne but decided it wasn’t for me.  Currently a personal assistant but still undecided on the career for me…

– I have a mild very unhealthy obession for shoes.. Heels to be exact… (but I think every girl should!) Stay tuned for regular updates on the newest additions…

– A football fanatic (sorry, soccer* for those who despise football being called it’s rightful name)
Met my idol in Melbourne on Saturday September 17th 2011, HARRY KEWELL.. I made the newspaper and TV! A belovered Liverpool Football Club supporter and went to Anfield in July 2012 and did in fact cry on arrival… A very overwhelming sensation…

– Vivid book collector.. Currently looking at a collection of about 350 titles.. It will take me a life time to read every one but that is my goal…

– A new found liking for photography and hopefully blogging… Currently cannot afford to upgrade my camera or computer at the moment, so what I have will have to do for now… These venture’s are to be pursuded more… STAY TUNED!

Just a small insight into my life…

C. x

(Photo taken in Tyrol, Austria, on my European Adventure, July 2012)

I really love comments and feedback!

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